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Business Litigation

Representing businesses and individuals in complex contractual and business disputes
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We are committed to helping you solve your most challenging business problems. We are problem solvers, litigation strategists, and sharp negotiators. We have a reputation for out working our opponents and employing creative strategies that have resulted in many high-profile successes for our clients.

Our expertise includes:

• Breach of Contract Claims
• Breach of Fiduciary Duty Claims
• Unfair Trade Practices
• Shareholder Derivative Suits
• Civil Rico
• Tortious Interference with Contractual or Business Relations

Government Investigations and White Collar Criminal Defense

Defending corporate and individual clients facing white-collar criminal allegations and government investigations
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If you are being threatened with a white-collar criminal investigation, your choice of legal representation is a critical decision.

We represent corporate and individual clients facing white-collar criminal allegations and complex government investigations in state and federal courts. Our track record includes success in some of Louisiana’s most high-profile white-collar criminal cases, and our team has skillfully guided clients through every stage of the criminal process.

Our expertise includes:

  • Fraud, including Allegations of Wire Fraud, Mail Fraud, and Health Care Fraud
  • Environmental Crimes and Regulatory Matters
  • Money Laundering and Structuring
  • Public Corruption
  • Tax Evasion

From creating search warrant response plans to responding to grand jury subpoenas, we leverage our negotiation skills to resolve investigations before charges are filed or obtain favorable plea deals if the situation warrants.

Auto Dealer Litigation

Advising and litigating on behalf of automobile dealers in disputes against automobile manufacturers
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Automobile dealers face countless challenges involving dealership operations, customer disputes, industry compliance, and disputes with their manufacturers.

Our experience and insight in these matters is your asset, as we’ll work with you to understand the nuances of the situation and work toward the best possible resolution.

SEMM has particular expertise and a proven track record of success representing auto dealers in disputes against manufacturers in litigation and administrative proceedings before the Louisiana Motor Vehicle Commission.

The firm also advises auto dealers throughout Louisiana on regulatory compliance and assists auto dealers in drafting and negotiating business transactions.

Administrative Law

Representing clients in disputes before boards and agencies throughout the state
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We represent clients in disputes with regulatory boards and agencies throughout Louisiana.

Our areas of expertise include representing clients in negotiations and litigation in proceedings involving:

  • Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners
  • Division of Administrative Law
  • Louisiana Department of Health
  • Louisiana Motor Vehicle Commission
  • Attorney Disciplinary Board
  • Board of Ethics

We also offer extensive experience with agency rulemaking and advising clients in the notice and comment process, as well as challenging regulations and enforcement proceedings under the Louisiana Administrative Procedure Act.

We routinely hold agencies and other governmental bodies accountable through public records requests and related litigation, defending and enforcing our clients’ rights.

Civil/Constitutional Rights Litigation

Defending the civil and constitutional rights of individuals and businesses
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The firm is a trusted advisor in civil and constitutional rights litigation in state and federal court. Our attorneys are skilled problem-solvers with deep experience navigating the complicated and sensitive issues that arise in such matters.

We defend individuals and businesses’ civil and constitutional rights and have been involved in some of Louisiana’s most high-profile civil rights litigation.

The firm also frequently represents students in school disciplinary proceedings at Universities and secondary schools. This work includes Title IX investigations, disciplinary hearings and related litigation, and advising schools on Title IX compliance issues.

Our expertise includes:

  • Challenges to legislation and other governmental action
  • Due Processand Equal Protection Claims
  • Title IX Disciplinary Proceedings and Litigation
  • First Amendment Claims
  • Violations of the Louisiana Constitution

Copyright and Trademark Law and Litigation

Protecting the valuable intellectual property of world-renowned artists, musicians, and businesses

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We work closely with our clients to ensure their intellectual property is protected so they can focus on what they do best.

Copyright and trademark litigation is a highly specialized area covering a range of industries and professional niches. Because it is so nuanced, it’s critical to work with an experienced firm that will not only defend you in infringement matters but will also help to protect your intellectual property and mitigate potential disputes.

Our clients include artists, musicians, businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals, ensuring their proprietary assets are protected through intellectual property registration and trademark and copyright litigation.

Our expertise includes:

  • State and Federal Court Intellectual Property Litigation
  • Trademark and Copyright Applications
  • Administrative Proceedings

Construction Law and Litigation

Defending corporate and individual clients facing white-collar criminal allegations and government investigations
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Our firm provides support to clients across the construction industry, representing them in transactional and complex litigation matters.

Our firm represents some of Louisiana’s most high-profile and successful construction companies, who rely on our expertise in drafting and negotiating complex construction contracts, as well as litigating a variety of real estate and construction-related claims, including:

• Contract Disputes
• Construction Defects
• Change Orders
• Delays/Disruptions
• Wrongful Termination

We serve clients in all areas of the industry, including real estate developers, building owners, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, lenders, sureties, architects, and engineers, asserting and defending claims and liens according to the Louisiana Private Works Act, Public Works Act, and the Miller Act.

Employment Law and Litigation

Counseling both employers and employees on employment, contract, non-compete and termination issues
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Employment law and litigation are sensitive and complex matters, especially in today’s ever-changing high-compliance employment landscape.

Whether you are defending your company against a lawsuit brought by a former employee or seeking damages of your own, we will work with you to ensure the matter is handled effectively and expediently.

Our firm handles all facets of employment law, counseling both employers and employees on a range of employment issues, including:

  • Non-Compete/Non-Solicitation Claims
  • Wage Claims
  • Wrongful Dismissal Claims
  • Executive Terminations
  • Compliance

We have a track record of obtaining dismissals for corporate clients at the pre-trial stage and have successfully litigated numerous cases alleging breaches of non-compete clauses, non-solicitation agreements, and other employment issues.

Health Care Litigation

Representing physicians, hospitals, and medical providers in administrative, state, and federal cases
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Litigation can have a far-reaching impact on healthcare professionals and patient health. We work hard to protect the interests of the healthcare providers we represent.

Our clients include physicians, healthcare facilities, and other organizations associated with the healthcare profession. We offer healthcare litigation expertise in a range of administrative, state, and federal court proceedings. We also provide compliance advice to our clients so they can avoid such disputes and focus on patient care. Our expertise includes:

  • Disciplinary Proceedings
  • Licensing Proceedings
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Disputes regarding Medical Staff Privileges

We have successfully defended many healthcare providers in disputes involving the Louisiana Department of Health, the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners, and in hospitals and courts throughout the state. Much of our work includes enforcement actions as well as state and federal court lawsuits to invalidate statutes and regulations.

Insurance Coverage, Bad Faith Litigation

Litigating bad faith and coverage claims for individuals, businesses, and professionals

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If you believe your insurer has acted unfairly or in bad faith, we can help. Many legitimate insurance claims are refused, devalued, or unfairly delayed by insurers, which could leave you or your business at risk.

We represent businesses, homeowners, and professionals in litigation against their insurers, helping them secure the insurance coverage to which they are entitled and recoup defense costs related to threatened and ongoing litigation.

Our firm successfully represents Louisiana businesses and individuals in coverage disputes and litigation against insurers for bad faith handling of insurance claims, including one of the most significant recorded bad faith penalty awards in Louisiana following Hurricane Katrina.

Oil and Gas Litigation

Representing Oil and Gas companies throughout the Gulf South

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We work with energy industry clients throughout the region, with clients that include international and independent energy companies, oil and gas producers, contractors, oilfield service companies, suppliers, operators, and landowners, for whom we offer extensive experience litigating contractual and statutory rights and tort claims involving the energy industry.

Our full-service energy practice encompasses dispute resolution, litigation in state and federal courts, arbitration, mediation, and administrative proceedings before local, state, and federal agencies. Our team will work hard to ensure the best possible outcome so you can get back to business.

Personal Injury Litigation

Representing seriously injured individuals with catastrophic injuries

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Our firm has a proven track record in obtaining settlements and winning jury trials in the most severe and complex personal injury cases.

Our trial team is known for being tough and effective advocates for our clients. We are frequently sought out by other attorneys specializing in personal injury to serve as co-counsel because of our firm’s reputation for employing creative strategies, top-notch brief writing, and effective trial presentation.

We handle all personal injury matters aggressively to obtain the best possible results.

Professional Liability Litigation

Advising and litigating on behalf of individuals and organizations in complex professional liability cases

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Professionals in many fields take risks by the very nature of what they do. When exposed to that level of risk every day, you need an experienced firm that can stand behind you, advise, and defend you when needed.

We advise and represent individuals and organizations in complex professional liability cases, including review boards, mediations, and federal and state court matters involving various professional issues from malpractice to compliance and class actions.

Our clients include physician groups, doctors, attorneys, architects, engineers, design professionals, brokers, and accountants. Our firm also works with public companies, insurers, and individuals to bring complex legal malpractice claims against former counsel and we are often asked to serve as expert witnesses in legal malpractice cases.

Trust Litigation

Advising trustees and beneficiaries in litigation involving breach of fiduciary duty, tax, and contract issues
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Trusts and estates litigation covers a lot of ground and different fiduciary relationships, including conservatorships, breach of fiduciary duty, undue influence, and will contests. We represent trustees and beneficiaries in all types of litigation, leveraging decades of experience in resolving complex matters.

We approach each case with empathy for our clients and the particular challenges that they face and work to protect our clients’ interests against anticipated and unanticipated legal issues.

Our past successes include handling the largest trust dispute in Louisiana, which involved the ownership of two professional sports franchises.


Our objective in tax matters is to resolve issues quickly, efficiently, and successfully.
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Our objective in tax matters is to resolve issues quickly, efficiently, and successfully. The firm seeks inventive ways to resolve tax controversies prior to litigation, while always being prepared to take a matter to trial when it is to the client’s tactical advantage. The firm’s attorneys develop innovative strategies to resolve compliance concerns, civil audits, and criminal investigations. In addition, the firm’s experienced litigators assist individual and corporate clients in pursuing refund suits to recover tax wrongly paid at both the state and federal level.